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Car Sales

The decision to sell a car may be arrived at because of many reasons. You may want to sell the car to replace it with a newer model or it may have developed mechanical problems and you no longer wish to keep on repairing it. For some, selling their car is a result of financial difficulties. Whatever the reason, it is important to make sure that you are able to get a good price for it. Having had my car for the last five years, it is time to sell my car as I shop for another one. If you also wish to sell your car, there are a few important things you need to look at.

Value the car

Although how much I value my car is different from the market rates, car valuations give you a good idea of the approximate price of the car. They act as a guide in coming up with a price range. You should then compare the valuation price with the prices of similar models on the market.


Market Trends

Before you embark on selling a car, it is important to understand the trends in the market. If your car is 10 years old and most buyers are purchasing cars that are less than five years, then you will have a hard time selling it. If on the other hand it has a high demand, you can set a high price and you will still be able to sell it.

Give the car an appeal

If the doors of your car have locks that get stuck, it is a good idea to fix them before putting the car on sale. Likewise if I expect you to buy my car, it has to appear in good condition. It is therefore in order to give it a paint job if the exterior is not looking good. A few things such as an engine wash may make the difference between selling the car in one week or three months.


Advertising your car is an integral process of selling it. However, you have to advertise in a media that will get the message across. The media has to be directed at your target market to increase their chances of seeing your advert.

How to show your car

This is always a tricky bit because you may have to meet many people interested in your car before you settle for the right buyer. I would prefer that prospective buyers should be able to view and test drive the car at a public place. I would also not want to deal with the type of buyer who insists on paying cash for car at a private place. Car buyers should also not be allowed to come to your home on the pretext of looking at your car.

Bargain price

Though you may have set a price for the car, it is always a good gesture to allow your buyer to bargain. If you give them a discount, they are likely to feel appreciated and perceive they have received good value. If you are too firm, it may discourage some people from dealing with you.

Dealing with Objections

Anytime you are selling something, you should be prepared to deal with objections. In most cases the objections are just a way of looking for more information about the car. The important thing is to let the buyer know that the car cannot be perfect because it is not a brand new car.

Closing the sale

This is the most important stage during the sales process. People are always hesitant to part with their money. As I sell my car I know that being prepared and having the car documents ready is important in closing the agreement. After the prospect has seen the car, you may ask them how they intend to pay to get an understanding of their levels of seriousness.

By following the above pointers, you are sure to have an easy time in the process of selling your car.

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